Tracking H1N1pdm


Cameron Sharma, Virginia, USA

Cameron Sharma. is the lead investigator of this project.

The purpose of this website is to make a scientific contribution towards the antigenicity associated computational prediction of the seasonal vaccine strains for the influenza virus and to be a resource for the design of the vaccine.

The influenza virus is a rapidly evolving pathogenic microorganism that causes 3-5 million severe illnesses and about 500,000 deaths worldwide annually.

A bioinformatics model for H1N1pdm has been created using the historical strains to predict the direction of its future mutations. The model is currently tracking the H1N1pdm strains, using the periodic surveillance and monitoring data released by the World Health Organization.

The model is being extended to A/H3N2. The other two strains, B (Victoria) and B (Yamagata), will be included later.


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